Origin Research & Innovation Labs

Origin Research & Innovation Labs Physical Hub of East Africa embarks on a three-year project implementation plan

The Origin Research and Innovation Labs concept has entered the entire implementation phase following the signing of a project agreement between DeKUT, the host of the Physical Hub of East Africa, and UNECA. The agreement covers a three-year period by which Origin should become not only a financially self-sustaining organization but one effectively delivering its mandate in three core work areas.   Origin will build a pool of expert problem solvers to aid the private sector and the public sector organizations providing goods and services to quickly and competitively resolve their challenges. Thus, in the next three years, Origin will focus on building an ecosystem to contribute to the identification and solution of challenges aligned with Africa’s development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. A key to Origin’s problem-solving framework is that the solutions should be implemented and scalable.   Origin will also, in the three years, build the capacity in her other two core work areas: co-creation and co-innovation and inventing the future.